SolidWorks is an innovative CAD system, which, apart from great possibilities, has a very beneficial learning curve. Its extremely intuitive interface allows you to start work almost immediately. A simple and clear interface facilitates and speeds up the use of the program. Shortcuts and gestures are available for advanced users that significantly increase user performance.

The advanced and rich design environment goes hand in hand with the efficient interface. The program gives us the availability of both solid and surface modeling tools. It is also possible to design sheet metal and welded constructions. The program is not limited to individual elements. You can design anything from screws and vases to helicopters, ships and space probes. In addition to modeling, SolidWorks has an extensive and extremely intuitive documentation creation module.

Even more possibilities the SolidWorks system gains by using integrated additional tools for document management, engineering analysis or production - PDM, CAM, CAE

Another favorite functionality is the ability to create macros and add-ons that allow you to automate your work or add new functionalities - this is what our company specializes in.